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In many cases you will see fictional products that stock store shelves and are seen throughout films or on television. There are actually times when fictional products become reality. A product is actually made after being seen in a film. Example bad news for the many Sex and the City fans when they ran out to their local book stores searching for the Poetry Anthology as featured in the film. This collection of love poems as penned by historical figures such as George Washington, Lord Byron and King Henry VIII proves integral to the romantic plot between Carrie, Sara Jessica Parker and Mr Big, Chris Noth, and yet was no where to be found as it did not actually exsist. It was then revealed that the book had been merely a prop in the film. However this disappointment didn�t last long and soon publishers rushed out a version of the onscreen book that has become a massive hit and top bestseller�s lists everywhere.

You might see a box of cereal it looks real enough yet it is non existent. Depending on what film or television world you visit you may see actual products or made up ones. Here at Products in the Movies you will find the real thing. Products that are seen on this website are products that not only have been seen in the movies and or on television but are loved by celebrities in the real world.

Check back as the list of products is growing...